Shifter Shorts

 The ​Alpha Hunted Series

Most of my personalities, all in one place.

J.M. Klaire

He’s her biggest frustration, her deepest temptation, and her only certain ally in a dangerous new world. 

Emma Hayle knows who she is: the human daughter of a widowed cop who lets her get away with far too much. Until she crosses one line too many, and her world turns upside down. 

Sent to live with a hidden werewolf pack, Emma’s hit with one shocking revelation after another: she’s not fully human … because her mother was a wolf shifter … and the first female alpha the pack ever had. What’s more, the pack is embroiled in power struggles that are somehow connected to her mother’s mysterious death when Emma was a baby. 

Then there’s Elam. He’s hot as sin, alpha to the core, and he insists that Emma is his mate. It’s hard to argue when every cell in her body craves him. He’s even harder to resist when he plays dirty.

Elam is determined to claim her, but others are bent on doing her harm. Can Emma untangle the secrets of her past in time to salvage a future with the wolf who’s stolen her heart?