JKlaire Romance

I know writers are known for actually writing, go figure, but I'll be the first to admit that my blog is largely ignored by me. Very. Largely. Ignored. I should utilize it more, but the best of intentions and all that.

So, this is supposed to show my latest blog posts, but if the latest blog date is a while ago, it may just be that I haven't updated it in a while. Or it could totally be that I'm mostly technologically inept, and it's just not working, so I'll include a little button below for those who want to go to the blog itself.

Personally, I'd go check out the blog only because it is set up with something called a randomized header, which is fancy-speak for- every time you go to the blog, it has a different sexy photo on the top of it, lol. Enjoy!

If you need to contact any of my author personalities, Jamie, Jenny or J.M.Klaire- my email for all three is jamie.klaire@yahoo.com.

I'm currently not on twitter or instagram, (What? I'm old) but you can occasionally catch me on facebook as Jamie Klaire, tho I'm not on there much.

Most of my personalities, all in one place.